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Find the most suitable supplier for your purchasing needs. We evaluate and produce one summary of the suitable suppliers, according to your company's specifications, and do recommendations.


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Find a supplier in China 

There are a large number of suppliers and it is not an art to find a supplier quickly internet. The problem is rather that the quality of suppliers differs considerably from case to case and that many suppliers are in fact agents and representatives of other producers. Because many Chinese factories and producers lack valid export licenses they need to cooperate with agents; the problem is that some of these agents have their own agendas. The suppliers you meet at trade fairs and those with websites are often the ones most keen to find foreign customers, but it often turns out that these vendors who are good at marketing are often lacking in others hold.

But are they really the right supplier for you? Do they produce the goods themselves? Do they have the capacity to produce what you need? Are the product samples representative of daily production? Is this a supplier who is willing to work with internal improvement processes? Are there hidden risks? We at CAE INTERNATIONAL are on site, in China, and can thoroughly investigate what is available behind the website, the exhibitions and the factory walls to give you an accurate picture. Getting all the facts clear to oneself at an early stage can be an investment well worth making.

Evaluation of supplier

CAE INTERNATIONAL carries out studies where we systematically examine an industry.


We seek out the industry leaders and the competent leadership teams and identify the suppliers with the right ones the machines.


We help you find clean and well-organized factories with functioning quality systems that take environmental and working conditions into account and that have an understanding of your needs.

Benchmarking of suppliers

We examine a large number of suppliers in China and sort out those that do not meet the requirements. We then evaluate qualified candidates based on a developed requirements profile and finally we select the companies that best match our requirements. With the help of our detailed company descriptions and short list, you can choose which companies you want to visit, order test orders from or investigate yourself closer. We recommend this above all when you want to incorporate the supplier into your routine supply chain.

Sourcing in China with CAE INTERNATIONAL

 It is always costly, risky and time-consuming to change suppliers, therefore it is worth to spend a little extra to avoid risks and find the right one right away!

 We are on your side and look after your interests.

 Discuss your plans with us and together let's set up a sourcing strategy and develop an action plan for supplier assessment.

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