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We have a wide range of customized solutions within market establishment, production purchasing, supplier control based on our practical experiences in China. Our client record ranges from small to multinational companies. Our team can offer market research and studies for market introduction. We help and buys in everything from buttons to large machines and tools. We search, evaluate, check and improving suppliers, recruiting staff and having experience managing operations in China. With our experience, costs and risks are minimized when you enter the Chinese market.

Supplier review

Worried about the authenticity of your Chinese supplier's claims? See the factory on the website look just as good in real life? Are the business licenses in order?


CAE International can act as your representative, on site in China and visit your Chinese supplier's factory. We can check whether your supplier has correct documentation, business licenses, certificates, ISO standards and so on. We also document how the factory looks clean externally, provides an overview, and can perform other checks according to your company's wishes.

Price proposal

First, you have to fill in a form about your desired product. Then a matching factory is found that can manufacture your product, or your desired factory. Shortly afterwards you will receive a total price and preliminary delivery time (including freight, customs, etc.).

What is required of you as a customer?

All CAE needs from you is that you fill out a short form with your requests, and when you receive your product samples, CAE provides feedback. CAE takes care of the rest. It doesn't have to take more than 24 hours of your time.


When the products are ready, and before they leave the factory, a quality control is done with the outcome tests you passed. When it is ready, the finished products are imported and delivered to your chosen address in Sweden

Buy from China

Are you interested in buying goods or goods in China? CAE INTERNATIONAL can act as purchasing agent for strategic purchases in China. We are locally established in WuHan and can handle negotiations, administration, transactions and shipping to assist with purchasing from China. CAE International can translate all drawings and ensure they are adapted to Chinese specifications and systems, and handle all technical details regarding drawings. CAE International can also manage the documentation related to purchases, such as export documentation, shipping documentation, invoices and VAT refund. CAE International conducts a supplier search to find the most suitable supplier for your purchasing needs. We evaluate and produce one summary of the suitable suppliers, according to your company's specifications, and do recommendations.


Buy from China without the hassle

Our team, consisting of Chinese and Western highly trained experts, also takes care bidding, negotiations and problem solving. We also make sure to communicate everything clearly so that avoid linguistic/cultural misunderstandings. Our procurement support includes a dedicated bidding process to produce the lowest price, the actual order placement and monitoring of all transactions.


Quality control

CAE International will also carry out quality checks according to your guidelines to ensure the quality of the product. Quality control can be done throughout the production process, or as one inspection before shipment, and can be adapted according to ISO or RoHs 2.0 standards. When the purchase is done, CAE International can handle warehousing and logistics for air or sea freight, in addition to clearance.


Product samples

When you have approved the total price, you will receive an outcome sample sent to you. Production is started as soon as you pass the outcome test.

Price & Package

The price depends on the product and the size of your order. Established factories have a minimum requirement for manufacturing.

For example, if the purchase price of the product is SEK 100, then the factory requires that 2000 products be manufactured.

Receive a product sample that you can approve

CAE understands that it is difficult to order before you have seen the product. Therefore, CAE always offers to send the outcome sample that is according to your specifications. This way you can sleep peacefully. If you are not satisfied with the outcome test, CAE will produce a new outcome test for you. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the money back guarantee. If you are satisfied, the finished product will be delivered to you via sea or air (about 12 weeks / about 3-4 weeks). / about 10-18 working days).

Following industries

Clothing & textiles Wristwatch (OEM & ODM) Bags, jewelry & accessories Electronics (OEM & ODM) LED lighting and display Toys & children's products Flooring and building materials Furniture & home Food products Car and motorcycle Machines & tools Solar panels & energy

CAE helps companies that wish to:

A partner who handles manufacturing in China to bring down the cost A smooth import without risks and headaches EU/CE-approved products, and Small quantities for the outcome sample

Exclusive Services

Get in Touch

CAE believes that everyone who orders should be completely satisfied, therefore CAE offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you feel that we are not on the same page during the process, you have the option to cancel the project immediately. CAE only wants satisfied customers. Granted, it's never happened so far (go for it), but if it does, at least you have the opportunity.

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